2023 Annual Letter – Coral Cove Civic Association

Greetings Covians,

Another year around the sun has passed, and what a year it has been! When I pause and think about the year, two things come to the top of my mind. The new structure we put in place around the events in the park. Thank you, Heather Clark! And, Hurricane Ian… but for different reasons than you think. Both the event in the park and our lovely Florida storms bring us together in unique ways, and it’s these times that we disconnect from the rest of the world and make this neighborhood our world… that I find truly special.

This annual letter will be my last as President of the Coral Cove Civic Association. The board and position terms are set for two years, and although we have directors and prior presidents that have served for much longer, I have chosen not to seek another term as president. After struggling to keep up with all that I took on last year… basically knocking down our house to rebuild ~75% of it, a business that saw remarkable growth, and parenting a toddler, I think it’s time to enjoy our community as a resident again.

The board and I are working on a transition plan and electing a new president for 2023. I will leave the logistics for the annual meeting to them and keep this letter brief, but I will tease that we are looking at a different setup for this year.

The association’s financials have finally gotten to where we have a reserve to cover some of the larger capital items we see coming in the next couple of years and move back into making annual improvements. Our plan was to have the entry island refreshed early this fall, but after Ian… finding someone to do the work has proven to be a challenge. However, it is still on the list for this coming year, along with motorizing and modernizing the park gate, which has been on its last leg for some time.

For 2023, dues will remain the same as they have for the last two years. We aim to keep our dues low and provide as much value as possible for our members while covering the annual bills.

  • Membership dues remain the same for homeowners ($200) and renters ($250)
  • Boating (park vehicle access) remains the same for owners at $130.

Below you can find a list of just some of the items that your dues cover.

Grounds Keeping Waterfront Park Maintenance

•      Front Entrance Landscaping & Lighting

•      Park Maintenance & Lighting

•      Electricity for lighting and Irrigation

•      Mowing, Trimming, Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control of all Common Areas

•      Tree Trimming (@ 160 trees)

•      Dock

•      Park security gate

•      Oversight of all boating

•      Repairs to park security

•      Park Facilities Rules & Regulations

•      Boat Ramp Maintenance

Liability Insurance General Office Management Costs

•      D&O Liability

•      Florida Assessments

•      General Liability

•      Umbrella Insurance

•      Offsite Mailbox

•      Annual Meeting Location

•      Website

•      Annual Report to State & Tax Preparation

•      Financial Oversight

•      Hospitality


Dues can be mailed in or paid online at CoralCoveSarasota.com. When you log in as the account owner, you can use a credit card to make a one-time payment or set your membership to auto-renew. If you don’t recall your password, this link shows how it can be reset in less than a minute – Password Reset How To

We have incorporated the $.30 + 2.9% into the online dues cost when paying online. As a reference point, the rounded price adds $7 to the $200 membership when renewing online. If paying by check, there are no additional charges. The attached invoice has all the information on paying by check, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If paying by check, there are no additional charges. The attached invoice has all the information on paying by check, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

New this year, you are welcome to drop off any checks in our treasurer’s mailbox. If you are like me and don’t want to pay CC fees, never have a stamp, and rely solely on your bank’s bill pay service to mail all your checks, we feel like this may make things easier for you. That address is 7535 COVE TER.

It has been a pleasure serving you as the head of the association for the last two years. I wish you and your families the happiest of holiday seasons and safe passage into the New Year!

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you on all topics of concern and interest in Coral Cove. And, expect more to come as we transition to a new leader in 2023!


Gray Lawry, President

Julie Lohr, Vice President

Deb Mouhot, Treasurer

Melissa Osmolski, Secretary

Scott Atkins, Director


Mike Gabbert, Director

Charles Kyle, Director

Nicholas Iannitti, Director

Tawni Rich, Director



Download the Annual Letter – ccca_2023_annual_letter

Download 2022 Dues Notice – ccca_2023_dues_notice